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In this article, you will find answers to the most common questions about organizing the working process between startups and experts. 🤝


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Q1. Why Slack for communication?

Unlike many other messaging apps like WhatsApp or FB messenger, Slack is more organized, more productive with ultimate features like channels, automation, many integrations so everything is in one place and the ability to collaborate with all team members without missing any important messages

Q2. Why is Trello suggested for project management and deliverables?

"Hey team, where do we stand now?" Basically, you won't use this sentence ever, because you will monitor, add comments, see what's happening according to the milestones, and more by the tailored Trello board that we will build for you. So, we can easily organize and work together.

Q3. What is the Startups Galaxy’s Growth proposal?

The Growth Proposal is the bridge that fills in the gap between your business needs and the growth activities that we can afford includes:

1. Setup sheet: In this sheet, you will find what we are trying to achieve (milestones), suggested growth tools stack with huge offers, and the main objectives for your business.

2. Insights sheet: We dig deep into your business and give you a sneak peek about your website/App conversion, SEO overview, and competitors' activities analysis.

3. Pricing sheet: In this sheet, you will find up to 3 different growth plans with a fixable pricing model that includes the milestones, essential timeline, and special discount just for you.

Q4. Can Startups Galaxy give my startup offers on deals and perks?

Sure we can, with deals and offers up to 90% discount and $1M credit for top tech tools like Piprdrive and Sendgrid your startup already has its own growth stack.

Q5. How does SG pick its experts?

We always search for the best experts by their real growth results, interview them, test their skills by assessments and case studies to maintain the quality then onboard them to grow and scale your business.

Q6. What should I do if I have a problem with an Expert? Can I change the experts?

No worries at all, just submit a ticket and we will contact you immediately to fix the situation, even if you want to change an expert we will do it for you in 48 hours. 

Q8. How can I use Startups Galaxy’s free exposure services?

Add your startup to the directory and you’ll be shouted out, get exposure, get a quality backlink, referral traffic to your website or app, and you might be shouted out in our email newsletter as a top startup.

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