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In this article you will find answers to most general common questions about Startups Galaxy 🌟


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🏢 About Startups Galaxy:

Q1. What is Startups Galaxy?

We’re MENA’s marketing and tech platform for the fastest matchmaking and exposure for Experts, tools, and startups. We also have a directory for startups to showcase themselves.

Q2. What is the Growth Squad Community?

The Growth Squad Community is a group of curated high-quality experts in fields like data, analytics, Conversion, retention, SEO, organic growth, content marketing, paid acquisition, and Ads. These experts have one main goal to collaborate with Startups Galaxy's growth team to grow and scale startups.

Q5. Do you work with startups in MENA only?

We do growth for global startups and MENA as well. As agencies, companies, and other types of businesses. Our model best works for startups and agencies.

Q7. Do you work with agencies?

Yes, we do. agencies are vetted for high quality, filtered based on their previous work and previous experience in the tech industry is a must.

😎 About Qualified Experts:

Q9. What type of Experts do you have?

We perfectly matched your startup with real growth results experts in fields like:

1. UI & UX

2. Data & Analytics

3. Growth Marketing

4. SEO & Organic Growth

5. Content Marketing

6. Paid Acquisition & Ads

7. Graphic Designing 

Q3. How much experience should I have?

You should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in your scope of experience.

Q4. Do I need a portfolio?

It’s not necessary but it can be instead of doing a case study to make sure about your quality of work.

Q6. Can I refer another expert and get paid on their startups?

Sure you can! You will get bonus points to increase your rate as an Expert that directly reflect on your chance to get match with new projects, we want to grow together. Invite your community to build their profile.

Q8. can I get a company profile?

Yes, you can check their profile on SG and you can ask for access to their documents

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