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In this article, you will find answers to the most common questions about how it works according to process and pricing ⚙️


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Q1. Why should I fill in the growth assessment before the discovery call?

It gives us a sneak peek about your business needs so we can research and set a potential growth strategy before we talk.

Q2. Why should I sign the NDA before the discovery call?

It preserves your right and your IPs to not be disclosed to anyone, which helps guarantee that. Also, it makes you speak loud with now fairs and barriers.

Q3. What should I expect after the growth assessment and signing NDA?

- Talk 1:1 with a marketing expert

- Uncover new growth opportunities

- Get fresh ideas, next steps, and pricing

- Then we kick-off your growth plan!

Q4. How much is Startups Galaxy on average?

Unlike many marketing agencies and freelancers, we have growth plans that start from $1500/ month.

Q5. How often do I pay and what are the payment methods available?

You’ll be billed monthly if you choose to work on a monthly basis, and yearly if you choose to work on a yearly basis. We have multiple options for payments, We accept payment by Visa and bank transfer. (All payments are postpaid).

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