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Q1. Is Startups Galaxy a digital marketing agency?

No, we’re a growth startup platform, we work on your growth pains and secure real ROI.

We’re not bound by normal digital marketing ideas, growth is all about numbers and experimentation and we believe in data and analytics.

Q2. Should I hire marketing agencies, a full-time growth marketer, or a growth consultant?

Hiring marketing agencies, full-time growth marketer, or freelancer are good options for many startups. but they come with their own set of pros and cons when compared to Startups Galaxy Experts.

The major positives for both are the expertise and bandwidth they bring to the team. But they have a killer downside, which is the cost. Especially when it comes to startups.

In general, good agencies start at a minimum of $4,000 or $5,000/ month, and many charge much more. Full-time hires most of the time cost around +$100,000/ year, and probably you'll need a round of investment to make it happen. And you know the story of the freelancer who once disappeared and left that company coincidentally.

Also, freelancers are not fully engaged with the rest of your team because they love working individually. In addition to that, all the above three options come with a level of risk and commitment that shouldn't be ignored.

However, at startups Galaxy, we mainly worked on the main negatives above and turned them into strong points. Our pricing starts from $1000/ month, our experts are very dedicated and committed to startups, and we are using a lot of automation and tools like Slack, and Trello to make the communication seamless and clear.

So, if you want full-fledged growth support, optimize your growth funnel to start getting traction at a fraction of the cost without the risk, plug Startups Galaxy and we will care about your growth!

Q3. Why subscribing to Startups Galaxy is better than hiring through freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr?

While hiring a freelancer would achieve a goal or 2, subscribing to a Startups Galaxy monthly subscription will help you achieve all your business goals, and Startups Galaxy vets and chooses the best experts to work with startups, so you know the quality and degree of professionalism you’re getting, which is at best debatable when you hire a freelancer from Upwork or Fiverr.

Q4. Why is subscribing to a Startups Galaxy monthly subscription better than hiring a consultant?

Because consultants only give advice without any kind of execution, so you will need to hire another marketer to execute with extra fees or doing it by yourself and that costs time. Unlike us, we do both things with the same budget and much more saved time.

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